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3 Signs You Need an Immediate Windscreen Replacement Service

The windscreen is one of the most critical components contributing significantly to a vehicle's structural integrity and safety. Surprisingly, it's one of the most overlooked auto parts. Often, car owners will pay more attention to other components they think are vital, including the engine, interior comfort, tyres and electrical components. Today, it's common to encounter numerous vehicles on the roads with cracked windscreens. 

Whether the windshield has a tiny or significant crack, replacing the windscreen can mean the difference between life and death on the road. Here are some signs it's time to schedule a windscreen replacement sooner than later:

Rock Chips on the Windscreen

Generally, windscreen rock chips will typically not hold up in the event of a car crash. Therefore, as soon as you notice rock chips on your windscreen, visit your auto shop immediately for windscreen replacement service. Resolving this seemingly trivial defect with immediate effect can protect you from potential disaster and injuries if you, unfortunately, get involved in a car accident. 

White Haze Along the Windscreen's Edges

Many windscreens typically come outfitted with Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB). This specialised plastic material helps hold the windscreen glass together to prevent shattering into pieces during an impactful car crash. Ideally, it's designed to absorb significant energy, deforming upon the impact and preventing the broken glass from being sent flying towards your face. 

However, when you notice a white haze forming on the edges of your windscreen, it indicates that the plastic is losing its strength and detaching from the glass. If this happens, the driver and other passengers are in potential danger should an accident occur. Therefore, consider taking your car for immediate windscreen replacement service if you notice this problem. 

Cracks That Obstruct Clear View

You can quickly patch up small cracks on your windscreen without needing a replacement. However, it'll help if you don't take any fracture or crack obstructing the driver's view lightly. Opting to repair cracks in a driver's line of sight can distort the proper view and result in potential accidents. 

Additionally, it's not a good idea to repair cracks along the windscreen's edges since that can weaken the entire windshield. If you need to guarantee the safety and integrity of your windscreen, consider replacing the whole unit with a new one. 


Your safety as a driver and that of other road users is paramount at any given time. A faulty, cracked, or chipped windscreen is a potential disaster in waiting. Therefore, ensure your safety, that of your passengers and other road users by opting for windscreen replacement.