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Fixing Scratches | 4 Nifty Steps To Undertake Scratched Window Glass Repairs

Your kids playing rugby in your backyard is a great way for them to unwind after school, but it doesn't do your windows much good. A wayward kick could result in scratched, cracked or broken windows – you certainly don't want your kids anywhere near chipped glass rubble.  Major window breakage may require emergency glass repairs.

But if you have a small scratch in the window, you can undertake some repair work on your own by following these smart steps:

Evaluate the Damage

Before repairing the glass window, evaluate whether it is worth repairing or needs complete replacement. Irreparable damage may require you to change the entire glass immediately, with the help of an emergency glass repairs service – this is particularly important, since you don't want to leave your windows exposed overnight.

Once you have evaluated the scratch and determined that it can be fixed, you can kick-start the process of self-repair. Remember to exercise caution during the repair process by wearing proper safety equipment like gloves and shoes to prevent straying glass edges from cutting through your skin.

Clean the Glass

Before repairing the scratch, you must ensure that the glass has been thoroughly cleaned and free of all debris. Keep in mind that a glass window may have dead bugs and dust around it, so you cannot proceed with repair until the glass surface has been thoroughly cleaned and smoothened. You simply need to use warm soap water with a lint-free cloth to gently rub over the glass surface for cleaning. Ensure that the glass is fully dry before moving on.

Invest in a Good DIY Glass Repair Kit

Most DIY glass repair kits have been designed to eliminate all kinds of scuffs and scratches from the glass surface. Depending on the scratch density, you can invest in a light, medium or deep scratch repair kit. The glass repair kit will usually come with a suction cup.

You will have to place it against the scratch will a fair amount of pressure – depending on the extent of your scratch and the amount of glass filler used to repair it. Follow the instructions provided in the repair kit judiciously, so you apply the appropriate quantities of glass filler to the scratch.

Finish the Job Appropriately

Following your repair work, you'll probably notice excess glass filler left on the glass. You can use a razor blade to scrape away this excess filler – but wait till it has completely dried on the glass before undertaking this scraping task. Be sure to read the instructions provided in the repair kit for removing the excess filler. 

Some window repairs require these simple steps to look good as new, but a more complex crack or break may require emergency glass repairs – call in the professionals when you don't have enough experience to undertake major glass repair work on your own. Contact a company like Midland Glass and Aluminium with any questions or concerns you have.