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Why Modern Shower Screens Are So Much Better Than Those From The Past

You might not really think about your shower screens all that much, but in truth, they can play quite a large role in the overall feel of your bathroom. In the past, bathrooms went through a lot of quite obtrusive fashion styles where maximalism was valued over utilitarianism. That was present in shower screens as well, with big, opaque screens with fancy designs and thick frames very common. If you are thinking about upgrading your bathroom, here are a few things you can look forward to with your brand-new shower screens.

Frameless Shower Screens

The glass, plastic and acrylic shower screens of the past were not strong enough to stand on their own without support from strong metal frames that kept them in place. The problem was that these frames were not only ugly but were also hives of bacteria and corrosion. Modern variants of all those materials can now be manufactured as frameless shower screens because they have much better internal structural integrity. There is no risk of someone accidentally pushing through a frameless shower screen when they slip like there was in the past, and the screens themselves are rooted much more firmly into the floor than in the past as well.

Easier To Clean

While many defenders of older shower screens would say that the designs made them unique and interesting, many people remember them as very hard to keep clean. Soap mist, bacteria and all sorts of other nasty elements would find all the cracks and crevices they could on these uneven surfaces and stay there. There they would fester, become horrible to smell and totally ruin the shower experience. They would also be hard to clean out, because of their annoying shape and small gaps that would be impossible to accurately clean. Modern, frameless shower screens are flat and simple, with no place for anything to hide.

Fewer Moving Parts

There was an obsession in the past for showers to come in cubicles even if there was no need for them to be presented as such. These cubicles would have a lot of sliding or swivelling parts, and often, these hinges would get affected by age prematurely, becoming stuck and hard to operate. Modern shower screens might come in cubicles if space is an issue, but the design generally involves less complicated mechanisms that are made from better-manufactured materials that can stand up to the test of time in a wet environment. If you are sick of your shower screens and doors getting jammed whenever you use them, then there has never been a better time to upgrade.