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6 Reasons to Choose a Glass Splashback for Your Kitchen

Cooking can be therapeutic and fun. But one of the only downsides to cooking is the mess you have to clean up after you're done. One of the most vulnerable areas in the kitchen is the wall behind the cooking area. Fortunately, you can protect your kitchen wall by installing a splashback over it. Although splashbacks come in several materials, glass splashbacks have many advantages over other materials.

If you are planning to install a splashback in your kitchen, here are some good reasons why a glass splashback is often best for kitchens.

1. Easy to clean

Glass splashbacks consist of a single sheet of seamless glass that affixes to the wall of a kitchen. To clean one then, you need only wipe a glass splashback down with a cloth after you finish cooking.

2. Resistant to bacteria and mould

Because glass splashbacks are completely smooth, there are no nooks and crannies for food and moisture to gather. This means that once you wipe down your glass splashback, there won't be anything left for bacteria or mould to feed on. Nor will there be any hiding places for bacteria or mould to populate.

3. Easy to install

Glass splashbacks are fast and simple to install. When you order a glass splashback, your splashback supplier will make a custom splashback for you before delivering the completed product to your home. Your splashback supplier then only needs to affix the glass splashback to your kitchen wall with some adhesive. This is far simpler than installing tiles, which takes a lot longer.

4. Resistant to heat

Glass splashbacks are made of heat-resistant glass that can withstand very high temperatures and temperature fluctuations. So, no matter how much time you spend cooking in your kitchen, your glass splashback won't fade or warp because of the constant high temperatures.

5. Safe to work around

Glass splashbacks are made from tempered glass. Even though tempered glass can break if you strike it hard enough, it won't break into sharp shards that can cut you. Tempered glass breaks into many small blunt pieces that won't injure you if you pick them up. This makes glass splashbacks safe to work around in the kitchen.

6. Great for small or dark kitchens

Glass splashbacks are highly reflective, which makes them a great addition to kitchens that need more light or space. For instance, you can use a white glass splashback with lighting to make a small kitchen feel more spacious and airy.