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Glass Repairs | 4 Immediate Actions When Your Glass Window Shatters

Glass windows could shatter for a number of reasons — perhaps the kids took their cricket game a title too far or maybe your uprooted backyard tree decided to pick your window to fall against. Either way, you'll have to undertake glass repairs immediately to secure your windows. But before the glass repair specialists from a business like Glass In Paradise arrive, you'll need to undertake certain actions to ensure that your home remains safe to use for your family.

Pick Up Stray Pieces of Glass from the Room

Before doing anything else, be sure to pick up large stray pieces of glass in the room. Keep in mind that straying glass pieces are not always in the vicinity of your broken window, so you'll need to check the entire room thoroughly. Safety should be at the top of your mind, so make sure you're wearing safe shoes and gloves to protect yourself from any glass-related injuries. 

Sweep and Vacuum the Floors Thoroughly 

Sweep the remaining small pieces of shattered glass into a dustpan and dispose of safely in the garbage. Vacuum the whole room as efficiently as possible, since glass shards tend to shoot off in all directions. Use the large hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner to get into minor crevices behind heavy furniture and into tile grout.

Ensure all Glass Has Been Removed 

You need to ensure that all tiny glass pieces have been cleaned up. Do this by wetting a paper towel and pressing it against the floor. If you're working with a larger area, be sure to replace the paper towel with a fresh one after a few presses. This should help you remove those residual stray glass pieces from the floor. Make sure you discard these paper towels safely because you wouldn't want someone in your family getting injured while handling them unknowingly. Mop once after you're done to ensure a thorough clean-up job. 

Secure Window Before Glass Repairs 

Tape up glass cracks with packing or duct tape till the glass repairs services arrive. Make sure you wear gloves to prevent injuries. To properly secure the crack, tape from both the inside and the outside of the window. If your window cannot be secured by mere taping, you can cut heavy plastic like a bin bag or tarp to cover the window temporarily. Secure the plastic inside the window frame by taping it to cover the whole glass window, but avoid pressing against the glass because it could break further. 

Professional glass repairs services will fix your window in no time, but ensure you clean up before they arrive with these immediate action tips.