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Tips & Fun Ideas for a Glass Kitchen Backsplash

A glass kitchen backsplash can be a great choice for any home, but especially for smaller kitchens and those that don't get much light. Glass reflects light and bounces it around the room, so even if the kitchen doesn't have any windows or a good light source, the glass backsplash can make the most of what light there is in the space. Glass is also very easy to clean and can work with any design of a home, from traditional to modern.

Before you have your glass backsplash installed in your home's kitchen, note a few tips and fun ideas to discuss with your glazier.

1. Back painting

Back painting refers to painting a wall before a clear glass backsplash is applied. The color on the wall then shows through the glass. This can be a great way to dress up a very inexpensive type of backsplash, as clear glass may be more affordable than colored glass. It might also allow you to change the color more easily, as the glass backsplash may be removed and the paint redone, and the glass then replaced.

This too is more affordable than installing new glass that is in a different color. Discuss back painting with your contractor and the options for clear glass versus colored for you backsplash.

2. Size of tiles

The size of tiles you choose for your kitchen backsplash will have a great impact on its overall appearance. One large piece of glass will give your kitchen a very modern, clean look. This can also be a good choice for smaller spaces, where smaller tiles might look cluttered. On the other hand, smaller tiles of varying colors can look like natural stone and add depth and visual interest to the space. Subway tiles, which are rectangular rather than square, can be laid horizontally to make a small space seem wider. Choose your tile size carefully according to the size of your kitchen.

3. Break up the look

If you're worried that a glass backsplash might seem a bit drab, break up the look by mixing up the tiles and materials. Add a sheet of aluminum or some stone tiles to the design. You might do this in a particular pattern, for instance, have a row of your glass tiles going across the kitchen and use an aluminum or stone piece every fourth tile or so. This will break up the look of the glass while still keeping it clean and simple.