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Stuck on Choosing the Right Glass Splashbacks? Let Colour and Design Guide You

A glass splashback is undoubtedly one of the best materials you can choose to protect your kitchen wall. It is seamless and easy to clean and install - whether it is being glued or screwed to the wall. And it also injects a sleek, streamlined look into your kitchen.  Unfortunately, with plenty of glass splashbacks in the market, the matter of choice has never been easy. The following factors, however, should be enough to help you pick the perfect glass splashbacks for your kitchen.


Of interest to note is that most splashback dealers offer to colour the glass according to your wishes. But the real problem is what colour to choose. According to Jane Eyles-Bennet, an expert in interior design, opt for neutral colours such as warm grey or stoney beige because they do not go out of style easily. Other great options include:

  • Clear Glass – Covered with a green tint, it matches well with dark, heavy and strong colour schemes around the kitchen.
  • Argente Pearl – Glass splashbacks of this type and colour have a subtle pearlised look and match well with light colours including white and mint.
  • Starphire or Low-Iron Glass – Has less tint than clear glass meaning your colour scheme will still be visible and noticeable.


One advantage of a glass splashback is its ability to incorporate art in the name of digital imagery. Some companies nowadays will give you the opportunity to choose from a number of images you would like engraved on the glass; or better yet, they will let you come up with your own.

Instead of staring at plain, shiny glass every day, would you not rather be looking at a digital picture of your favourite pet smiling at you and cheering you up when you are sad?  And of course, the image does not reduce the sparkling nature of the glass. If digital images add more beauty, do not settle for a plain glass splashback.

If you are worried about scratches, then tempered glass (toughened glass) is the right class of glass for you. It is harder than ordinary glass and more resistant to scratch. It is also heat-resistant and given that temperatures are bound to rise in the kitchen due to cooking, tempered glass may serve you well. In fact, the glass can withstand heat of up to 470°F.

And if you would like your cosy sofas to maintain their attractive looks, ask for glass splashbacks that have polished edges; the edges do not scratch furniture during installation.