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Scratched Glass? Get It Repaired Without Having To Carry Out A Replacement

With time, the smooth, polished surface of your glass with attract minute imperfections, which can range from light scratches to deep scratches. Such scratches have several drawbacks to your glass surfaces. For one, they ruin the look of your glass. Two, scratches prevent visibility through the glass. Third, scratched glass can affect how much light you're getting through it. However, the good news is that you can have scratched glass repaired to avoid all these inconveniences. Read on to learn more.

How it's done

The removal of scratches on glass is done by highly specialized technicians. They use abrasive pads and special pastes to polish the glass surface thoroughly. Through the process, the glass surface is polished to even out the affected surface. Abrasives contained in the polishing paste help to wear the surface by a very small degree, and in so doing, removing the scratches. For deeper scratches, special agents are used to fill the scratch grooves and create a smooth surface that hides the scratches completely.

Types of glass damage that can be repaired

Glass scratch repair technicians can repair damage caused by a wide range of factors. Some of the most common causes of glass scratching encountered include:

  • Accidental marks caused by hard contact, e.g. watch or ring abrasion
  • Water stains caused by cleaning of splashing
  • Detergent stains
  • Cleaning abrasion stains caused by coarse abrasives
  • Writings
  • Paint
  • Graffiti
  • Pet damage
  • Vandalism

Benefits of the service

The removal of glass scratches has great benefits:

  • There is no need to replace the glass.
  • It's cheaper and faster than replacement.
  • The aesthetics and function of your glass are restored fully.
  • There is 100% damage reversal; no one will know the scratches were ever there.

Surfaces can this service be carried out on

Glass scratch repair can be carried out on any glass surface whatsoever. This includes:

  1. Domestic glass: doors, windows, furniture, shower screens, glass pool fencing, balustrades, etc.
  2. Commercial properties: windows, doors, display fronts, furniture, glazed counter-tops, etc.
  3. Cars: windscreens, other glass windows, and mirrors.

To get a glass scratch repair service, just look for an experienced technician. Tell them about the nature of the damage and the type of glass that has been damaged, and then schedule a repair appointment. The process is quick and guarantees the restoration of your glass surfaces within no time.

Note: Be wary of using DIY glass scratch removal kits that may end up causing more abrasion on your glass surfaces. Seek a professional service that offers glass repairs instead for guaranteed results.