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3 Imaginative Ideas to Transform Dull Kitchens Into Trendy Spaces With Glass Splashbacks

If you're bored of your plain and time-worn kitchen and cannot undertake expensive kitchen renovations, then small upgrades can go a long way in transforming the space, especially when you introduce a visually appealing glass splashback. This guide shows you some ways you can transform your kitchen into a trendy space by installing a glass kitchen splashback.

Infuse Patterned Glass Splashbacks

With a multitude of patterns available to you when it comes to glass, you can use design to transform the look of your dull kitchen almost instantly. Consider your kitchen décor before finalising the look of your glass splashback pattern to ensure that it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. For instance, if you have a sleek, modern kitchen, then bold square or diamond-shaped patterns will add tremendous character to your kitchen. If you have a rustic kitchen, then traditional floral and circular patterns will be excellent additions for the glass splashback. Patterned glass will elevate the visual appeal of any kitchen, so consider this option when you're looking to transform your cooking space.

Amplify The Available Space

A small kitchen can feel closed in when you don't have adequate ventilation and windows around, so your glass splashback should ideally open up the space available. A mirrored glass splashback amplifies the available space in a room because it reflects and bounces light off its surface. The clean glass panel with minimal protrusions and joints offers an impeccable appearance in your kitchen and can turn it from dull to trendy instantly. A mirrored glass splashback can either be shaded or clear to create the kitchen aesthetics you desire. If you're looking to make the space feel larger, then clear glass mirrors are ideal for your glass splashback.

Incorporate Textures

Incorporating textures into your glass splashback is a good way to add depth and personality to the kitchen. You can have different kinds of textures to achieve the trendy look you desire in your kitchen. For instance, frosted glass kitchen splashbacks can give your kitchen depth and appeal with its their classic appearance. Bevelled circles or embossed cubes are trendy choices for modern or traditionally styled kitchens. By incorporating textured glass into your kitchen, you're introducing a stylish feature through design and will instantly transform the look of your dull kitchen space.

Use these ideas and infuse your own creativity when planning to transform your dull kitchen into a trendy space with a glass splashback.