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Four Stained Glass Design Ideas for New Homeowners

Today, stained glass is not only used for decorating church windows and historical buildings. Modern homes are now incorporating the concept of stained glass to bring that antique but unique touch. This design idea is also one way for those exploring inexpensive strategies of adding their personal preferences to their homes in this cash-strapped economy. For a DIY enthusiast, here are a few stained glass design ideas to give your home a subtle but appealing finish.

Customizing Shower Doors — If you want to add that fine finish to your bathroom, then stained glass can suit your shower door. The material accentuates your shower doors in a relatively simple installation process. You will need to buy adhesive-free film, which is similar to wallpaper. Follow the simple installation instructions, and in no time, you will have your shower door look appealing without creating a mess that requires cleanup.     

Unique Kitchen Splash-back — For decades, tiles were a popular material for kitchen splash-back because of their inexpensive cost of purchase and installation. However, savvy homeowners have transitioned to granite to give their kitchens a special feel. The problem is that granite is very costly and may drain your funds. The best alternative is to use custom stained glass as a kitchen splash-back. It will protect the kitchen walls from any form of spatter and damage, including greases, oils, and smoke. The good thing with stained glass is that you can always retain the elegant touch while adding unique designs and patterns to express your individuality.

Mirrors and Kitchen Cabinets — Stained glass can add an elegant finish to your kitchen cabinets and mirrors for that wow factor. If you have teenage girls in your home, stained glass mirrors and frames can be useful additions to their bedrooms. Similarly, add stained glass to the kitchen cabinet panels to get the richness and depth in your kitchen. If you don't mind your guests having a clear view of your cabinets, customized stained glass should be your preferred choice.  

Stained Glass Dividers — You can use stained glass to partition small spaces in order to create some sense of privacy. For example, you can partition your living room to create a small space for your home office by customizing stained glass. You can experiment with various designs and patterns to make a unique office space in your home. Glass dividers are not limited to home offices, so you can divide any space such as bedrooms depending on the needs of your home.