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Reasons to Consider Glass Mosaic Tiles For Walls and Flooring

When it comes to wall and floor tiling, most homeowners tend to gravitate toward ceramic tiles as they are the conventional option. However, although ceramic tiles are a traditional option, they may not be the best alternative for you. This is especially true if they are being used in high traffic areas or installed on walls exposed to a lot of splashes and staining. If you would like to consider a different alternative, you could opt for glass mosaic tiles. Here are some of the reasons why glass mosaic tiles would be a suitable option for both your walls as well as the flooring. 

Glass mosaic tiles are attractive

One of the biggest advantages of opting for glass mosaic tiles is their enhanced aesthetic appeal when compared to regular ceramic tiles. Firstly, you have the option of choosing between multicoloured mosaic tiles or solid colour tiles depending on the aesthetic effect that you would like to achieve. Secondly, you can opt for simple patterns when installing the glass mosaic tiles or create complex, intricate designs on your floors and walls. Overall, glass mosaic tiles give you a wider scope of options to consider when it comes to creativity in design. 

Glass mosaic tiles are low maintenance

Another reason to consider glass mosaic tiles is they are one of the easiest tiles to keep in pristine condition. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, glass is a non-porous material. As such, your tiles will not absorb stains that will change their appearance over time. Secondly, glass tiles eliminate the need for grouting. Since the tiles are directly installed on the floor or the walls, they do not need grout to secure them in place. As grout ages, it tends to absorb dirt and grime that eventually make your tiles an eyesore. Eliminating the grouting process ensures that your tiles will stay appealing for linger. Lastly, glass tiles are easy to clean. Since the glass is sleek and non-absorbent, spills can easily be mopped up without much hassle.   

Glass mosaic tiles are luminous

If you are looking for a way to increase the lighting in your home without having to install additional bulbs, then you should consider glass mosaic tiles. These tiles are reflective. As such, they will enhance the amount of natural light that streams into the room they are installed in. This gives you the chance of brightening your residence without having to incur additional lighting costs.