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What You Need to Remember When Choosing Glass Splashbacks for Your Kitchen

A glass splashback can be a great choice for any kitchen space; glass is easy to clean and isn't likely to get scratched or discolored, and works with any type of décor. It's also very durable and eco-friendly, as you can choose recycled pieces or know the glass itself can be recycled when you want a change in your kitchen. While glass can be the best choice for any kitchen, you might take some time to note a few important reminders when you're ready to shop. This will ensure you choose the best glass and the best style for your space.


Glass splashbacks may be applied over a wall that has been painted a particular color, or the glass may be tinted or painted itself. This is very important to consider; if your kitchen has white cabinets, you may want to avoid a plain glass splashback. This may make your kitchen seem industrial and dull, or more like a hospital setting than a family kitchen.

On the other hand, if your cabinets are a very distinct color, you don't want your splashbacks to clash or close in the space. Choose the lightest shade that would coordinate with the cabinets and benchtop instead, or just opt for white walls in these cases to be safe. 


Glass reflects light so it can make a small kitchen look larger. However, don't rely on the glass alone to do this. Ask your contractor about installing lighting above the splashbacks; this can be spot lighting that is placed below the upper cabinets, or it can mean track lighting on the ceiling with different lights aimed at the splashback. This will light up the kitchen and make the splashback seem cleaner and brighter.


One advantage to glass splashbacks is that you can paint a graphic or mural on the wall behind the splashback, or one the glass itself. Before you decide on this, however, you might invest in some cheap posters that resemble the picture you want and hang these on the wall in your kitchen, where the splashback will be located. Note if the graphic enhances the kitchen's appearance or seems too busy. You might find that a simple landscape is good but the busy skyline you thought you'd have painted onto the splashback is too overwhelming. This simple and affordable trick will ensure you don't ruin the splashback or pay for a graphic that you don't like once it's painted.