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Five Ways a Glazier Can Help You Create Your Bed and Breakfast

If you are turning your home into a bed and breakfast, there are likely multiple aspects of your home that you may need to alter, and the glass and windows in your home may need to be on the list. Ideally, you should work with a glazier. Here are some of the aspects of your home that you may want to discuss with a glazier before converting your home into a B&B.

1. Skylights

Skylights help to fill your home with natural light, and they cut down on your energy bills. As you will have multiple people in your home, your energy bills are likely to increase. To offset that, you may want to install some skylights. In particular, consider putting in skylights in walk-in closets with no windows and in bathrooms.

2. Internal Glass Doors

French doors or other interior doors with windows are beautiful, but if they are leading to private guest spaces, they may not have the privacy your guests need. To remedy this situation, talk with a glazier about replacing the clear glass with stained glass or cloudy glass, or etching the existing panes to make them more opaque.

3. Shower Doors

Just as you may need to make some glass interior doors more private, you may also want to make your shower doors more private. For example, if you have en suite bathrooms off the rooms you hire out to guests, you may want to follow the examples listed above to make those doors more private. That makes the showers more private and makes it easier for a family or a set of friends who are sharing the room, to easily be in the bathroom at the same time when one is showering and the other is fixing their hair or cleaning their teeth.

4. Ground Floor Windows

To reassure guests that your B&B is safe from a security standpoint, you may want to talk with a glazier about replacing your existing ground floor windows with security windows. Security windows are tamper resistant, and the glass resists impact as well. Having windows that are safe can be reassuring for some guests who are staying on the ground floor.

5. Decorative Room Dividers

Want to divide up a formal living room into multiple spaces where guests can do different things? Want to put a divider in sleeping quarters so that you can create the feel of a bedroom and a lounge area? Then, talk with a glazier about creating glass room dividers for these spaces.

For more information, contact Stevens Glass Pty Ltd or a similar company.