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Glass Options To Consider For Your New Shower

When you're installing new shower screens, selecting which glass to use is an important decision that depends on what you're attempting to achieve. Here are several options to consider.

Low-Iron Panels

If you want to create an almost-invisible shower that will allow other features such as beautiful tiles to shine, then consider low-iron glass. The iron content within regular clear glass gives off a slight greenish tinge. If you choose low-iron glass, then your shower screens will be crystal clear. Frameless screens will make the shower even more transparent and invisible. Not only will this let other elements take the limelight, but it will make your bathroom seem larger as you'll be able to see to all corners with little visual interruption.

Frosted Glass

You may love the hard-edged, sleek sense of glass but prefer more privacy when showering. In this case, consider installing decorative glass, one version of which is frosted screens. The cloudiness on these panels is achieved through acid etching or sandblasting techniques, which corrode one side of the glass, scattering the light. You can choose between different degrees of transparency — only slightly blurring the view or rendering the glass almost opaque. 

You can also get creative with where you apply the frosting. For instance, you could frost the front screens only and leave the side screens clear. Alternatively,  the cloudiness could cover the middle section of each screen. In this way, light can flow through the top and bottom sections. As a result, you'll have privacy while retaining a bright and airy enclosure.

Patterned And Toned Screens

Other ways to create privacy while still enjoying the aesthetics of sleek glass is to use patterned or toned options. Patterned glass has a three-dimensional surface, with moulded shapes and designs imprinted into the panels. One popular design is rain glass, which looks like water rivulets are trickling down the screens.

Alternatively, you could fit toned glass in colours such as grey, bronze or aquamarine. These tints will block the light flow, creating a dimmer, more secluded feeling that allows you to truly relax and unwind in your peaceful nook. 

When you're installing new shower screens, decide whether you'd prefer absolutely clear glass that will open up your bathroom and make it seem larger or whether you'd rather build in more privacy with beautiful decorative glass. Whether almost invisible or embellished, glass will evoke an attractive, clean hard-edged aesthetic in the space.