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A Simple Guide to Help You Choose Shower Screens

Shower screens are a great way to modernise your bathroom, especially if you do not want water splashing onto other areas in the bathroom. When in the market, you might come across different types of shower screens, which can make you a little bit confused about which option to choose. Here is a simple guide to help you make the right decision or choice:

An Important Factor to Keep in Mind

The best time to install a shower screen is when you are constructing your new house or bathroom. This is because you will have enough space and planning time to play around with multiple bathroom design options. You can also make sure that everything fits correctly and does not look like it was forced.

Adding shower screens to an already built house or bathroom is doable. However, you might find that you might be limited by space and to specific shower screen designs and features.

Shower Screen Design

You might come across three shower screen designs:

Fully-Framed Shower Screens — All the edges of these showers are covered by a frame that can either be aluminium or plastic. 

Semi-Framed Shower Screens — The frame on these types of shower screens only covers one or multiple edges but not all of them.

Frameless Shower Screens — As you might have guessed, these shower screens do not have any framing; they comprise large toughened glass panels joined together by stainless steel fixtures. They also have a handle to help in opening and closing. 

Opening Mechanism

The shower screen designs above are available in two opening mechanisms:

Hinged Shower Screens — You open or close them by swinging (pulling or pushing) the unhinged side open or shut.

Sliding Shower Screens — You open or close them by sliding a glass panel to the left or right.

This means that you can come across a hinged or sliding fully-framed, semi-framed or frameless shower screen.

You may also come across a fixed shower screen that you cannot move. What you do is stand behind it and when you are done showering, move to the front side.


Do you want an opaque, translucent or transparent shower screen? Your choice depends on your preference, bathroom aesthetics, whether you might require some privacy or the amount of light you need the shower screen to let through.

Contact a supplier of shower screens near you to learn more.