6 Reasons to Choose a Glass Splashback for Your Kitchen

Cooking can be therapeutic and fun. But one of the only downsides to cooking is the mess you have to clean up after you're done. One of the most vulnerable areas in the kitchen is the wall behind the cooking area. Fortunately, you can protect your kitchen wall by installing a splashback over it. Although splashbacks come in several materials, glass splashbacks have many advantages over other materials. If you are planning to install a splashback in your kitchen, here are some good reasons why a glass splashback is often best for kitchens.

Why Modern Shower Screens Are So Much Better Than Those From The Past

You might not really think about your shower screens all that much, but in truth, they can play quite a large role in the overall feel of your bathroom. In the past, bathrooms went through a lot of quite obtrusive fashion styles where maximalism was valued over utilitarianism. That was present in shower screens as well, with big, opaque screens with fancy designs and thick frames very common. If you are thinking about upgrading your bathroom, here are a few things you can look forward to with your brand-new shower screens.

Choosing the Framing and Glass for Your New Shower

Even though glass showers all consist of glass panels and hardware supports, different models combine these elements in diverse ways. Some designs have more framing than others, and they can also use various kinds of glass. To help you choose the best options when installing your shower screen, read on. Framing Options You'll need to consider how much framing you want around your new shower. Fully-framed screens are edged on all four sides with a metal border.