A Simple Guide to Help You Choose Shower Screens

Shower screens are a great way to modernise your bathroom, especially if you do not want water splashing onto other areas in the bathroom. When in the market, you might come across different types of shower screens, which can make you a little bit confused about which option to choose. Here is a simple guide to help you make the right decision or choice: An Important Factor to Keep in Mind

Glass Options To Consider For Your New Shower

When you're installing new shower screens, selecting which glass to use is an important decision that depends on what you're attempting to achieve. Here are several options to consider. Low-Iron Panels If you want to create an almost-invisible shower that will allow other features such as beautiful tiles to shine, then consider low-iron glass. The iron content within regular clear glass gives off a slight greenish tinge. If you choose low-iron glass, then your shower screens will be crystal clear.