Types of Glass Used for Constructing Windscreens

You might think that all glass is the same and there is nothing particularly special about the glass used to create the windscreen on your vehicle. However, this is definitely not the case. Glass can be made in many different variations and there are certain types of glass that are used to create windscreens on automobiles. A windscreen is the glass on the front of any vehicle and there are two types of glass that most windscreens are made from. [Read More]

Glass Repairs | 4 Immediate Actions When Your Glass Window Shatters

Glass windows could shatter for a number of reasons — perhaps the kids took their cricket game a title too far or maybe your uprooted backyard tree decided to pick your window to fall against. Either way, you'll have to undertake glass repairs immediately to secure your windows. But before the glass repair specialists from a business like Glass In Paradise arrive, you'll need to undertake certain actions to ensure that your home remains safe to use for your family. [Read More]

Fixing Scratches | 4 Nifty Steps To Undertake Scratched Window Glass Repairs

Your kids playing rugby in your backyard is a great way for them to unwind after school, but it doesn't do your windows much good. A wayward kick could result in scratched, cracked or broken windows – you certainly don't want your kids anywhere near chipped glass rubble.  Major window breakage may require emergency glass repairs. But if you have a small scratch in the window, you can undertake some repair work on your own by following these smart steps: [Read More]

Broken Window in a Rental Property: Who Has to Pay for Repairs?

You would hope that you never have to deal with the annoyance of a broken window. But accidents happen, and sometimes a window can be the casualty. If your home is rented, then the repair might not be so straightforward. Sure, the general process is the same no matter whether you own or rent your home. An emergency glass repairs company needs to be contacted in order to have the window repaired immediately, particularly before it gets dark so that your home is secured against the elements or any opportunistic intruders. [Read More]