3 Imaginative Ideas to Transform Dull Kitchens Into Trendy Spaces With Glass Splashbacks

If you're bored of your plain and time-worn kitchen and cannot undertake expensive kitchen renovations, then small upgrades can go a long way in transforming the space, especially when you introduce a visually appealing glass splashback. This guide shows you some ways you can transform your kitchen into a trendy space by installing a glass kitchen splashback. Infuse Patterned Glass Splashbacks With a multitude of patterns available to you when it comes to glass, you can use design to transform the look of your dull kitchen almost instantly. [Read More]

Scratched Glass? Get It Repaired Without Having To Carry Out A Replacement

With time, the smooth, polished surface of your glass with attract minute imperfections, which can range from light scratches to deep scratches. Such scratches have several drawbacks to your glass surfaces. For one, they ruin the look of your glass. Two, scratches prevent visibility through the glass. Third, scratched glass can affect how much light you're getting through it. However, the good news is that you can have scratched glass repaired to avoid all these inconveniences. [Read More]

Stuck on Choosing the Right Glass Splashbacks? Let Colour and Design Guide You

A glass splashback is undoubtedly one of the best materials you can choose to protect your kitchen wall. It is seamless and easy to clean and install - whether it is being glued or screwed to the wall. And it also injects a sleek, streamlined look into your kitchen.  Unfortunately, with plenty of glass splashbacks in the market, the matter of choice has never been easy. The following factors, however, should be enough to help you pick the perfect glass splashbacks for your kitchen. [Read More]

Tips & Fun Ideas for a Glass Kitchen Backsplash

A glass kitchen backsplash can be a great choice for any home, but especially for smaller kitchens and those that don't get much light. Glass reflects light and bounces it around the room, so even if the kitchen doesn't have any windows or a good light source, the glass backsplash can make the most of what light there is in the space. Glass is also very easy to clean and can work with any design of a home, from traditional to modern. [Read More]